Nora has always had the urge to travel, move, change. Due to that she came to non violent communication, bodywork and finally she discovered the power and her passion for yoga in a jungle in thailand. there she absolved her first teacher training, focused on breath, movement and meditation.

After finishing medschool in berlin she took her second training with sharon gannon, the founder of Jivamukti Yoga, in India. important to her is the connection between body, mind and energies that she intents to integrate into western medicine. Her classes are dynamic and sometimes challenging. The response of thoughts and mind to challenges is particularly interesting to her.


Practicing on the mat enables forms of self observation in a safe environment. According to Nora, achieving to not identify with those reactions and to translate them into daily life is the power of yoga. Pranayama and grounding meditation are part of each one of her classes.

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