Flow Pilates is a full body exercise that strengthens your core, mind and mobility. Every session will be a fusion of supercharged sequences, powerful breath-work and pilates inspired movements. This strong Pilates Flow touches a bit of everything: Pilates to lengthen and deeply work those abdominal muscles, barre to strengthen and tone, yoga to stretch and restore, and even some cardio exercise to jumpstart your heart rate!

This rhythmic and empowering Power Pilates workout uses targeted muscle burn and precise instruction to strengthen your body from head to toe. This class combines fiery exercises with subtle body awareness to leave you feeling strong, healthy, and balanced.



This powerful Ashtanga-inspired flow focuses on strength and flexibility. It will challenge your mind and body. Making you sweat and working those muscles. A handpicked selection of music will bring extra focus. We will help you with adjustments and make sure you go through your asanas smoothly. This is an advanced class and suitable for yogis who practice regularly.

It's time to leave your baggage at the door and focus on your body. Breathe new life into your muscles as we take time to align with each pose before flowing to breath and finally dissolving in Savasana. Expect anatomical alignment, hands-on assists (optional), and energetic support in Cecilia’s steady
yet dynamic classes.




This class is focused on the essential movements of vinyasa yoga. We will teach you how to go into the practice and gain a deeper understanding of your movements, as well as the yogic philosophy behind it. We will work on your flexibility and strength, so you can expect to sweat.


Strala is a Movement Philosophy, guiding You to your truest self. Rather than following strickt rules or sequences you are being invited to feel your bodies natural movement .

Thereby your body and mind shift from „Fight-and-Flight“ Mode to „Rest-and-Renew“ Mode and you will feel relaxed, recharged and happy from the inside out.

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